Please do not interact:

💔 Classic DNI criteria (racist, trans/homophobic, ableist etc) 💔

💔 TERFs and transmeds 💔

💔 Refuse to acknowledge that not all LGBTQ+ ppl reclaim queer and use it as an umbrella term (espes shit like 'queers' EVEN IF ur lgbtq+) 💔

💔 Proship/'anti antis' 💔

💔 Pedos/MAPs and their supporters/apologists 💔

💔 Mspec 'lesbians' and supporters 💔

💔 Anti he/him & they/them lesbians 💔

💔 You're younger than 15 - my acc isn't necessarily NSFW but I'm not comfortable w really young people following 💔

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